Profit Accumulator Review

Profit accumulator review

So what is it?  A system whereby you make use of a little known loophole in the online gaming industry and sports betting industry. You’ll learn exactly how to take advantages of sign up offers and free bets, laying them off against real money to make guaranteed profits.

Profit Accumulator is a UK based  membership site , with full training, where you can learn to make a nice income from the comfort of your own home. The most amazing thing about this system is that it is totally risk free and earnings are Tax free also.

Not much capital is required to get started with this and you actually can join the web site as a free member to get started and see exactly how it works. The site has been around since 2015 and there are many members from the United Kingdom that have made loads of money, some have even gone full time, with this, and quit their day jobs.

Visit the official site and watch the introduction video now, to find out more:

This idea is nothing new and has been reviewed and featured on big sites like Moneysaving Expert, the Guardian and the Independent as a legitimate way to make risk free cash. Never before though, has there been a membership site available that literally teaches you step by step exactly how to do this in easy to follow video tutorials. I am excited to review this system and share it with the masses.

You can start off with a very small pot of cash (£50-£100), this can soon be turned into thousands of pounds using profit accumulator training and following a very simple and easy process. I have decided to review the PA training system so YOU can decide if it is a system you’d like to use to create yourself a second income. We all need extra money right? You can use this to pay your bills, go on holiday, save for something special… or just spend it on whatever you like.  The founder and creator of Profit Accumulator actually used his earnings to pay his way through university.

During my first 3 weeks when I got started with Profit Accumulator, before my review, I made over £1000 profits with this system. All that’s required is a small initial investment to secure the first bonus, make your initial bets. Within the first 24 hours of starting this system for free you’ll quickly make £45-£50 from the first 2 offers. This is how everyone starts, but once you have tested the waters and made some ridiculously easy cash, you can the join Profit Accumulator as a Platinum Member.

There are 2 payment options available £22.99 a month or £150 for the year. Most members go for the monthly option as they would rather kept their money for investing in the bets, however the yearly price of £150 is a better price saving you £125.88 a year.

The Profit accumulator membership area is useful because it does all the tricky things for us and makes the actual wagering fun and risk free. Everything you’ll need is under one roof and saving time by getting the bookmaker and casino promotions,being able to review the terms and presenting instruction in an easy to use way. There is odds matching software and calculators on the site to ensure that you maximize your earnings.

Don’t join if you are outside of the UK though as this system only works for those living in the UK. Sorry I should had stated this at the start of this review. If you are abroad then there may be similar matched betting guides and even membership sites like this one. If you are in the UK then your in luck keep reading this review to find out more…

One of the best things about Profit Accumulator is that is is great if you are new or clueless about how this all works. The training shows the process of matched betting in full, making it easy to understand for the layman. The instructional videos where very useful and you can Review them at your own pace. It is great to learn all this from someone who has walked the walk. Doing matched bets without any experience or knowing exactly what you are doing could lead to costly mistakes. This is where PA comes in, it takes ALL risk away from you, it tells you exactly what to do.

Profit Accumulator Review Continued

I believe that you getting pretty excited about the profit accumulator, right? But is is important to understand what to do before you sign up. Briefly speaking, profit accumulator is a system enabling you to make income through matched betting in which you bet your money in 2 ways at the same time. In a sense, you are playing 2 roles one of the customer (your back bet) and one as the bookmaker (your lay bet).

But please do not assume that this is just ordinary gambling. It is not gambling at all. This review explains that Matched-betting is pretty much the opposite of gambling as you aren’t putting your money at risk.

The Profit Accumulator back office membership area provides users the instructions for bets to put on, how much to deposit to make you potentially risk-free profits. The wagers with the bookies, that you place, will always result in a profit. It really doesn’t make a difference which team or horse wins because you are wagering on both outcomes of the sporting event. One to win and one against. One bet is placed using real money and the other bet against is using the free bonus money or vice versa.

If you follow the training, your online account activity looks totally normal avoiding any account closures. This system is also completely 100% legal and all profits are 100% TAX-FREE!

Once you register you’ll get a better idea of how everything works, but basically, what you do is making clever use sign up offers by bookies and casinos sites, to make risk free profits. Betfair is the betting exchange website, that allows members to bet lay bets (against certain outcomes), which is used to cover any losing bets from the promotional offers. The result is that members can make a regular risk free profit tax free.

Bonus offers are given to new account holders and regularly to existing account holders. So the opportunities are ongoing.

Profit Accumulator Owner

The owner of the company and creator of this awesome idea is a brit called Sam Stoffel. Sam really cares about his members and emails frequently all the latest offers and opportunities. On top of that, he has set up an exclusive forum for members. Mr. Stoffel has been doing this for years now and makes sure that all his members stick to the terms and conditions of the offers to ensure there are no errors and nobody gets their accounts shut down or anything.

Profit Accumulator Forum

One of the main advantages of joining as a Platinum member is that you get access to the member’s forum and once you join as a paid member you’ll get instant access to this. In the forum, people share all offers they come to a cross and share tips, and of course, success stories.

Have a look at these results from new members of the group:

profit accumulator facebook group


Profit Accumulator Review


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